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MILA - twisted cotton cord 3mm

Why Twist by MILA is a special yarn?

Twist by MILA is a bulky (5) twisted cotton cord with a gentle soft touch that is perfect for creating practical accessories for your home. The string is made of several dozen recycled cotton yarn fibers, it has a strong twist, thanks to which it does not delaminate. It's wound on a cardboard coil, thanks to which the center of the skein is also perfect (not "crimped"). This twisted yarn is perfect for macramé techniques, making home decor items, like rugs, baskets, but also perfect for crochet hooks or knitting needles. (Use a 6-8mm hook or needle and your project will grow really quickly.) The string can be detangled, so it will be perfect for creating small decorative elements, such as feathers or tassels.

How many skeins do I need from Twist by MILA? 

Each skein of Twist by MILA weights 300gram (net) and is 100m long. You can crochet approximately 40 by 40cm square with single crochet stitches from one skein with a 7mm thick hook. (The recommended needle/hook size is 6-8mm.) Of course, it depends on the hook size and on the pattern style, and crocheting style. :)

The color shade of the same yarn with the same serial number can be a little bit different from serial by serial. I recommend buying all the yarns you need for your project at the same time to avoid this problem. 


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