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Scheepjes Stone Washed - Sport weight cotton and acrylic yarn blend

Why Scheepjes Stone Washed is a special yarn?

Scheepjes Stone Washed is a Sport weight cotton based (78%) yarn blend. A really special yarn with a "tough name" and a soft, woolly feel. It has a warm and soft touch thanks to its 22% acrylic fiber content and stiff and strong at the same time. Stone Washed can work equally well for monochrome designs and also for the projects with multiple color changes thanks to its special character. This very popular yarn by Scheepjes adored by both customers and bloggers.

What to knit or crochet from Scheepjes Stone Washed?

I think it is a perfect yarn for soft, warm colorful baby blankets, amigurumi animals, knitted clothes and crocheted handmade bags, shawls, hats or home decorations for example pillows... Each skein of Stone Washed has a small magic label “Easy Start” marking the yarn tail hidden inside the ball. Do not forget, that its fluffiness is the reason why the projects made with Stone Washed yarn are very difficult to rip. Look around in Yarn Fariy's pattern collection to find a project with this yarn! I would like to find a pattern >>>

How can I find the right color or color combination?

You can fit colors to each other easily thanks to Scheepjes Stone Washed well designed constant color palette with 36 available colors. Each shade is named after a natural stone like "Black Onyx" or "Blue Apatite". Inspiring pastel and "earth colors" for beautiful craft ideas. Look Yarn Fairy color combo suggestions on Blog! I would like to see the color suggestions >>>


How Can I combine Stone Washed with other yarns?

Stone Washed cotton-acrylic yarn blend comes in 36 shades with recognizable shade numbers, it's easy to combine with Scheepjes Catona or any other yarn from Scheepjes.

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