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standard knitting abbrevations UK / US / Hungarian

I've collected all the knitting abbreviations according to the UK and US and Hungarian knitting terms. I hope you will find all the answers to your questions!

  1. SYM : knitting chart symbol
  2. US flag: knitting abbreviation of the stitch - US and UK knitting terminology
  3. US-UK-ANGOL: short description/explanation of the stitch - US and UK knitting terminology
  4. HUNGARIAN FLAG: knitting abbreviation of the stitch - Hungarian knitting terminology
  5. HU-MAGYAR: short description/explanation of the stitch - Hungarian knitting terminology

Enjoy knitting!

knitting abbrevaitions

knitting abbrevaitions

I hope you have found the answer to your questions!

The knitting abbreviations are:

alt, approx, beg, bet, BO, byo, CC, cn, CO, cont, dec, dpn, foll, inc, k, k1B, kfb, ksp, k2tog, kwise, LH, lp, m, M1 or M1K, M1R, M1L, M1p, M1rp, M1lp, MC, p, pat or patt, pfb, pm, p2tog, prev, psso, p2sso, pwise, rem, rep, rev St st, RH, rnd, RS, SKP, SK2P, sl, sl1k, sl1p, sl st, sm, ssk, ssp, sssk, sssp, S2KP2, SSPP2, st, St st, tbl, tfl, tog, WS, w&t, wyib, wyif, yb, yfwd or yf, yo, yon, yrn