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Blocking Pins - for blocking board - 12 pcs

6,590 Ft

You can never have enough Opry blocking board pins when you are blocking your precious crocheted or knitted work. It gives you more flexibility in the shapes you wish to block. And you will have extra in case you lose some around your house! Each pin measures 12cm long, including the 1cm long screw. Supplied per 12 pins.

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Metal Sticks Dimensions / Quantity:
12cm x 12pcs

The double-sided, wooden blocking board by Opry will uncurl and straighten out your knitted or crocheted work. Thanks to the multiple holes in both sides of the board, you can block any shape you wish. Your work can be fastened to the board easily with the pins that you screw into the holes. The board measures 35 x 35cm and will be supplied with 12 pins and a handy storage bag. (The pins measure 12cm long including the 1cm long screw)

Why is it worth using a blocking board for collecting granny squares before sewing them together? Because crocheted squares/hexagons or triangles are not exactly flat and perfectly-shaped. Blocking sets the stitches and may enhance the drape of the fabric. It makes easier to work seams and edgings and may enable you to make minor size adjustments. The finished crocheted granny squares dimensions depend on a number of factors even your mood at a particular moment. Collect your granny squares on a blocking board and all your "grannies" will be the same dimension and well shaped. 



Material metal
Dimension 12cm


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