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Durable Comfy - soft premium acrylic yarn

Why Durable Comfy is a premium acrylic yarn?

Durable Comfy is a soft Fine / Sport weight (2) yarn made of 100% microfiber acrylic, which makes it a premium acrylic yarn. Microfibers are extra fine fibers with a natural touch. These fibers give Durable Comfy a light and soft structure and simultaneously ensure that the yarn is strong and durable. Durable Comfy can absorb and drain moisture well. This means crochet and knitting projects feel less clammy in warm weather.

What to knit or crochet with Durable Comfy?

An ideal yarn for a nice garment, scarf, shawl, or a lovely hat. The yarn is also perfect for a royal blanket for the couch. The recommended hook or needle size is 3-4mm. If you need help counting yarn amount for your project try our online yarn calculator here >>> 


How can I find the right color or color combination?

Durable Comfy is available in 58 colors, ranging from beautiful pastel shades to powerful bright colors. Comfy is also available in neutrals. There is an option for everyone! One ball is 100 grams and contains 266 meters of yarn.

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