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Borgo de Pazzi Hannah Lyocell yarn

Why Borgo de Pazzi Hannah is a special yarn?

Borgo de Pazzi Hannah is a special shiny, super soft 6-ply twisted fine weight yarn (recommended needle or hook size: 3-3.5 mm). It's made from Lyocell (eucalyptus), which gives the knitted or crocheted garments special breathability, resistance, and moisture absorption. Lyocell production does not use harmful carbon disulfide its production is eco-friendly. One ball weighs 100gram and is 300 meters long.

What to knit or crochet from Borgo de Pazzi Hannah yarn?

Hannah is perfect for knitting shawls, tops, accessories for spring and summer seasons, or crocheting baby garments because it is antiallergenic. Look around in Yarn Fariy's pattern collection to find a project with this yarn! I would like to find a pattern >>>

Coming soon!!!

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