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Premium knitting needles - normal, circular and adjustable - 1-12mm

What is the secret of a beautiful handmade knitted project?

  • Use premium yarns only and your knitted baby toy or hat, scarf will be so amazing as you imagined! A knitted cardigan is handmade with love and you will spend a lot of time to make it perfect. First of all, choose a perfect yarn for it!

  • Use premium craft tools, knitting needles os crochet hooks! These tools made from long-lasting, durable materials, with a super smooth surface, so that the yarn slides well. A specially designed light needle relieves the hand and shoulder while knitting!

Which knitting needle is perfect for my project?

  • We have added the recommended hook and needle sizes to our yarns. Of course, the needle or hook size depends on your personal knitting/crocheting style ("loose" or "tight"), and the pattern too. Before you start a new project, it's very important to knit or crochet the gauge according to the pattern description, using the recommended hook/needle and yarn. Learn more about gauge >>>

  • We summarised the connection between needle/hook sizes and suggested yarn weights according to the international standards. You can find here the standard yarn weight system here >>>

The Yarn Fairy offers well designed, durable knitting needles. You need a different needle to knit a hat, scarf, cardigan, baby toy or baby cloth. It is very important to choose the right yarn type, and tool for your project. If you need help to choose, just let me know! Help me to choose tools >>>

What shall I knit?

Yarn Fairy provides many well-designed patterns for knitting and crocheting! I help you to find the right project! I look around the patterns >>>

Premium knitting needles for the amazing result!

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