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Scheepjes Stardust - glittering mohair-wool-acryl yarn blend

Why Scheepjes Stardust is a special yarn?

This soft and gentle blended yarn has just enough mohair to be soft, but not fluffy. Stardust contains sparkling fibers that are so fine, they add an elegant shimmer to your knit and crochet projects when they catch the light. Scheepjes have worked very hard to ensure this yarn is soft without being scratchy like some sparkle yarns can be. This amazing DK weight (3) yarn made from an 11% mohair, 11% wool, 75% acrylic fibers and 3% polyester blend, the recommended needle/hook size is 3.00-3.5mm. 

What to knit or crochet from Scheepjes Stardust?

The beautiful drape and the elegant glitter factor of this yarn make it perfect for warm shawls, accessories, and garments. Look around in Yarn Fariy's pattern collection to find a project with this yarn! I would like to find a pattern >>>

How can I find the right color or color combination?

Stardust is available in 9 solid and 5 long variegated shades, each named after a star constellationLook Yarn Fairy color combo suggestions on the Blog! I would like to see the color suggestions >>>

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