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KnitPro Steel crochet hooks - 0.5-1.75mm

Why is it so easy to crochet with KnitPro Steel super-thin hooks?

The KnitPro Steel crochet hook has been designed specifically for crocheting from super fine (1) yarns (hook size: 0.5-1.75mm). With a steel point ideally shaped for easy hooking and a lightweight, easy-to-hold soft grip, you're assured hours of effortless crocheting.  A small cap is protecting the fine steel end of each hook.

  • An innovative product with an ergonomically designed handle that encourages hours of comfortable crocheting
  • The perfect combination of two durable materials
  • Smooth handle & soft grip is ideal for crocheters of all types – even those with arthritis
  • Steel bodied hook for a lifetime of strength

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What to crochet with KnitPro Steel crochet hooks?

This hook is perfect for fine crocheting (lace dress for summer for example) and lacy borders around cozy blankets. You can crochet with these hooks fine bracelets, necklaces, or lace collars to wear with a blouse. Choose Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat and you can make beautiful and colorful vintage lace tablecloths. Look around in Yarn Fariy's pattern collection to find a project with this hook and the perfect yarn! I would like to find a pattern >>>

Available sizes:

The hooks are printed with easy-to-read size numbers so finding the right hook when you need it is simple. KnitPro Steel hooks are available from 0.5mm to 1.75mm. If you need a bit thicker hook, go to KnitPro Waves collection.

Which yarn is perfect for this hook?

Choose Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat well designed constant color palette with more than 80 yarn colors. Maxi Sweat Treat is a beautiful high twist mercerized 100% cotton lace weight yarn (0 - lace, recommended hook size: 1.25-1.5 mm).


Hook type: single headed
Hook diameter: 0.5-1.75 mm
Handle material: soft plastic
Hook head material: steel
Hook length: 4 cm  / 1.5 inch
Hook total lenght: 15 cm / 5.9 inch
Color: black, silver


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